This presentation reflects an artistically unusual background. Ideas underlying my work contain elements from fields of knowledge expanding beyond the common domain of visual arts. In short: A visual textile marriage of theatre and literary lyricism.

My education bares a certain likeness with the art of patchwork. It stretches from a university degree in french, 1981, to theatrical practice in different settings,during adolescence in Geneva and Oslo, and simultaneously with my studies. I had specialized in Paul Scarrons Roman Comique, 1650, and French comedies from century. The following years I practised sewing and oilpainting, to some extent under professional guidance.

The textile medium seemed however particularly well suited in rendering concrete presence and sensuality, both characteristics that can be associated with the theatrical performance. Pursuing my inclination towards the composite, I mix techniques, such as: Compressed wool, embroidery, quilting, crocheting or knitting and painting on silk.

On my stage you will find an alternative, playful dimension of reality, populated with mythical beings and symbols, human and animal, often dramatically exaggerated in posture and expression. Accordingly, plants and trees are stylistically inspired by ancient ornaments. The underlying perspective is related to human existence in general, and not specifically contemporary.

Through the unexpected, the fantastic and the joy of mixing traditional genres, I seek a poetic openness of mind, an expansion of life beyond everyday worries.

Interview with P2,a norwegian radio broadcasting station specializing in arts and culture.


1981: Candidata Philologiae. University of Oslo, Norway.
1988-89: Nude studies, croquis. Kåre Bjørn Huuse. Oslo, Norway


1987: Atelier Birdland. Molde, Norway
2006: Galleri Tonne. Solo exhibition. Oslo, Norway.

Collected by

1987:Private collection. Larvik, Norway.
1988:Private collection. Larvik, Norway.
2006:Private collection. Tønsberg, Norway.
2006:Private collection. Oslo, Norway.

2006:Private collection. Oslo, Norway.

2006:Private collection. Oslo, Norway.

2006:Private collection. Larvik, Norway.

2006:Private collection. Oslo, Norway.